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Very kind words from wonderful women...

"Hi Demelza, I just wanted to say thank you for a really beautiful treatment today. It was so peaceful and I felt deeply relaxed, I'm not good at keeping still and quiet for long. Your attention to detail is amazing and your branding is really lovely. Such a pleasure to be still and silent. And I enjoyed my tulsi tea. Thank you."

- Nichola

"One word....Exceptional. From the moment one arrives to the moment ones leaves, Demelza enables total relaxation, calmness and well being. Nothing has been overlooked, the individual selection of oils used, the pressure of massage, the temperature of the water....and the bed! - (not to mention the softness of the gowns)  The most perfect experience one could wish for and I could not recommend it highly enough. An exceptional experience created by a lovely young woman. Book immediately! Elizabeth, harrassed on arrival and becalmed on departure!" 


"We are so lucky we found Demelza. My wife suffers with Multiple Sclerosis and massage often helps her. Particularly regarding her legs and lower back. My wife kept saying what a wonderful massage Demelza gave her. I ultimately had a few massages myself and I can concur 100% that my wife was correct.

Words I would use to describe Demelza would include




Plus very good at what she does. Such a shame for us when she moved away as we both miss her."


 "I had a reflexology treatment with Demelza and I must tell you all how incredible it was. The treatment began with my feet soaking in a golden bowl of warm essential oils, which delighted my mind, as well as my feet. Then I was asked to lay down on a gorgeously dressed, warm massage couch, cuddled by soft towels and covered in a knitted blanket. I was very gently taking to a soothing world of rest and relaxation whilst my feet were massaged with comfortable pressure and care. Everything about it made me feel like I'd been in a soothing dream. I'd definitely recommend this treatment and Demelza herself! I can't wait to try more."

- Melissa

"Book her now, she's going to be busy! I had such a wonderful massage today with Dee, one of the best I've had. A hand blended oil of Rose and Lemongrass together with a perfect pressure and pace. Her massage is relaxingly slow, rhythmical and deep enough to release muscle tension - perfect! The room is calm and welcoming with beautifully creative personal touches. I'm so happy to have found her!"


"Having a reflexology treatment from Demelza was a truly beautiful experience. Total relaxation of body and mind. Almost as soon as Demelza started the treatment I felt deeply relaxed; seeing my third eye. I felt like I was floating for the rest of the day and that night I had the best  night sleep I've had for months. Will definitely be going back. Thank you Demelza."

- Lou

"That was the best foot massage I've ever had and I examine therapists all over the world!"


"My treatment with Demelza was a beautiful experience with nothing overlooked. Before, during and after the treatment the attention to detail and passion was clear and I came away feeling calm, recharged and relaxed. Demelza has a wonderful connection through her massage and made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely be back."

- Lucy

"An aromatherapy massage from Demelza in her cosy treatment room was exactly the tonic after a busy & stressful time in my life. As soon as I stepped into the room I immediately felt safe & warm. After I had gotten changed into a cosy robe Demelza poured warm water over my feet in a beautiful golden tub and I soaked my feet as we chatted, she then washed and gently massaged my feet in the most nurturing way. As she dried them and I stepped over to the Massage couch I already felt light and fresh as air & instantly relaxed. The massage on the heated couch was soothing and released all my tensions held in my shoulders and back.  I absolutely loved it & managed to completely drift off & let go during the immersive experience of Demelza’s Treatment room which felt like a warm & fuzzy cocoon of calm. I will definitely be returning & recommending you to everyone I know ! "

- Ella

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